The “Two State Solution” has existed for almost 95 years


Regardless of what any U.N. representative, American politician, E.U. representative, member of the International Court of Justice or anybody else says otherwise today in 2024, THE boundaries displayed on this map  were established back in the 1920’s, are the still-valid LEGAL (permanent international laws established) boundaries/borders of ‘Jewish land (Israel)’ in the white-shaded color, and ‘Arab land (Jordan/Palestine)’ in the darker-shaded color to the right of it. THIS is the ‘Two-State solution’ that we keep hearing people mentioning today … it was already established nearly 95 years ago. The darker-shaded ARAB portion of the land, is the  ‘Arab Palestine State’. Arabs were granted legal rights of ownership to it by the League of Nations, and therefore had a right to rename it to being  ‘Jordan’, years later. Jews and NOT ARABS (and not ARAB ‘Pali pretenders’) were granted legal rights of ownership to the white-shaded color portion, and had a right to name it as  ‘Israel‘, in 1948. Jews in the 1800’s and early 1900’s leading up to this historic ‘1922 League of Nations Mandate’ (international laws established, that granted portions of this land to Jews and Arabs), had established numerous Jewish communities in the white-shaded area. Among them, were…

*** Petah Tikva
*** Rosh Pinna
*** Rishon le Zion
*** Gedera
*** Zichron Ya’acov
*** Nahlat Shiva (1869)
*** Mea Shearim (1873)
*** Yemin Moshe (1892) … and many others.

At no time in recorded history leading up to this historic 1920’s period (map), were there ever any documented ‘Palestinian villages/communities’ established by a ‘Palestinian people’, that were named with ‘Palestinian names’ coming from a distinct ‘Palestinian language/alphabet’ … as having ever existed at any time, anywhere in the land of Israel.

I think that the reality of the situation is dire, however if you believe that the cause of this is to be clearly placed on Israel, I think you are not cognoscente of the facts. Israel is responsive to any threats that the inhabitants of Gaza or the West bank. It will neutralize if it can with minimum force if it can. A state of War exists between the inhabitants of these settlements. So long as these Arabs who are Jordanian or Egyptian do not recognize Israel’s right to exist, there will never be peace. Israel is not going anywhere.  The leadership of Gaza and “West bank” are in a state of denial and wish to inhibit all peace negotiations. The leadership of Hamas and PLO/Fatah (propped up by Iran) are the real criminals and are utterly corrupt. The peace will come when the Arabs of the region acknowledge that Jordan is a part of “Palestine” and that they already have their state.

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