Fallacies of “The Four Spiritual Laws”



The Four Spiritual Laws is an evangelical tract written by Bill Bright for the organization, Campus Crusade for Christ.  I first encountered it when I was about 18. I had a bad breakup with my first girl friend, and I was facing my birth date in a particularly vulnerable state.  I had the habit (which I still have today) of doing Yoga meditation.  On this particular occasion,  I sought out something to meditate upon, and found The Four Spiritual Laws sitting on my bedside table.

In my meditative state, I read it. I read it three times, and I said to myself, “Ok, I’ll try this.”  I recited the “sinners prayer” as prescribed in the booklet, and in that moment gave my heart to Christ. I became a “Born Again Christian.”  A “Messianic Jew.”  For the next ten years (in between which I got married and fathered three boys) I studied the Christian Bible (consisting of the Tenach and the “New Testament”), reading through it probably two or three times a year.  Funny thing. By the time I reached my 28th birthday, I had read enough that I now perceived that the whole doctrine of Christianity was utter and complete bullshit.  This was through reading the Bible.  Christian ministers also influenced this, as much of the time they talked out of both sides of their mouth.  The straw that broke the camels back though, was when the Pastor of the church I belonged to at the time, The Peoples Church, said from the pulpit: “People don’t end up in hell for their sins, they end up in hell for not loving Jesus. WHAT!  And I knew he was telling the truth.  Suddenly, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob was revealed to be a narcissist. A mad man. I wanted nothing more to do with this. I became, in that instance, right there in the pew, an Atheist.  Astrologers will tell you that what I experienced is called the Saturn Return. This is when the planet Saturn returns to that point in your chart where it was at the time of your birth, which takes twenty eight years.

But I have digressed. This missive is about the fallacies contained in the booklet, The Four Spiritual Laws.

Law # One: God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.  Really, there is nothing wrong with this idea. Of course God loves you! YOU ARE GOD! We’re all God. So, let’s move on to the second law.

Law # Two: Man is sinful and separated from God, so we cannot know Him personally or experience His love.   The first fallacy is that God has a gender. God is composed of multiple genders and trans genders.  The second fallacy is that we can be separated from God. How can you separate yourself from your self?  The only way to do that is to break yourself apart. This is strictly an intellectual exercise.  What is sin? Sin is doing bad stuff.  Sin is practicing wrongfulness to God, which in essence is doing harm to another human being, or to Nature or yourself.  But people do bad stuff all the time.  Christians will say that the bad things are enumerated in the ten commandments.  Jews will say they are enumerated not only in the ten commandments but throughout the whole of the Torah.  That’s too complicated in my opinion.  Sin is harming yourself, another human, or nature, which is the same as harming God, which is the same as harming yourself.  The first, and very worst sin: Not recognizing that you are God.  If you would just embrace that you and everyone else on this planet is God, you would never be able to sin again.  We would eradicate war, poverty, ignorance and disease. So the whole premise that man is sinful is a lie. The premise that we are separated from God, is also a lie.

Law # Three: Jesus Christ is God’s only provision for man’s sin. Through Him alone we can know God personally and experience God’s love.  The “provision for man’s sin” is for a man or woman to come to the realization that we are God. That’s it.  So that is the first lie here. The second is Jesus: there is ample evidence that Jesus never existed. The history goes against the existence of an historical Jesus. There are a ton of contradictions between the four Gospel accounts.  Here’s a few: the town of Nazareth did not exist during the time period that Jesus is alleged to have lived. There is no record of Herod sending his troops to massacre any children in Bethlehem.  There is a record of a man named Jesus being crucified.  In fact there are hundreds. Jesus was as common a name among Jews in that time as it is is among Mexicans today. Not a single one of them had their crimes inscribed on a sign hanging at the top of the cross. The Gospels themselves are not “eye witness” but in fact were written over fifty years after the alleged crucifixion (Note: In that time period, the majority did not live much past 35). There is a ton of this kind of stuff.

Law # Four: We must individually receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord; then we can know God personally and experience His love.  The problem here is an impossible exercise to experience something that the normal human being experiences every day of their lives.  1) You can’t receive someone who never existed.  2) We know God personally and experience their love simply by breathing. YOU ARE GOD! GOD IS YOU! There is nothing you can do to change this, except, denying that it’s true.


Happy Solar Return to Jordan and Jesse Arseneau



They turned 41 today.

41. That’s 4 decades plus a year..

They are both videographers. Jordan works for ABC-7 (WBKB-TV) in Chicago, and Jesse has his own video production business.  Jordan has won, I think, 6 Chicago area Emmy awards for his camera work and for editing. Jesse specializes in surgeries. He is one of about 6 in the country that do that. Maybe in the world. As you can tell I am very, very proud of both of them.

Their mother and I did not know we were having twins.  Her doctor didn’t know.  So, imagine the surprise on May 8th, 1981 when we witnessed not one, but two births, about 5 minutes apart. Seems like yesterday.

They have both achieved the American dream.  They own houses and cars. They are both married to very beautiful and intelligent women, Nikki and Lyndsay.  Jordan is father to Cam, Ian and Joy.  Jesse is father to Mia, Poppy and Dorothy.  Cam and Mia are in High School. Both of them are artists, and Cam seems to be a budding entomologist.

Here is a picture of the two of them from a few years ago:

Left to Right: Jesse. Jordan

Happy birthday sons. Your father is very, very proud of you.


The victory over Roe V Wade

The SCOTUS has begun our descent into Xtian Sharia Law. Outlawing abortion is the just the first step. Next they will do away with contraception, including condoms. Then a woman will have to prove their virginity in order to marry. Next they will take a women’s right to vote away. Then the right to drive a car; to hold a professional job; then to hold any job. Soon after schools (at least past eighth grade) will no longer admit girls.
Basically, the Fundamentalist Xtian agenda is to return women to servitude. To being baby manufacturing machines, and nothing else.
After this, say in 50 to 100 years, witch burnings will become public events.
I’m only speaking about women here. They will also do away with same sex marriage, LGBTQ rights, trans gender rights. Basically, our Xtian Taliban will eliminate anything that does not adhere to their very narrow interpretation of the Bible.
Why do intelligent people continue to vote for Republicans?
More of my writings on this subject:

It happened at Kirtan



Went to Kirtan a couple weeks ago. It was the first one held in two years indoors. Last summer we had a few outdoor Kirtans at Redwood Park in Arcata. This was the first back at Om Shala Yoga Studio. Only four musicians, but maybe the rest will return once things get more established.  The event attracted a pretty good crowd. I counted about 60 people.

It was good. Very, very good.

Then something bad happened. Well, maybe not bad, but very inappropriate. After the end, a lady started circulating a petition for “health choice freedom.” Only it wasn’t about a woman’s health choices. It wasn’t about abortion. It was a petition against mask and vaccine mandates.

I had to hold my tongue when she approached me. You know, I’ve written about this in the past. Back at the height of the pandemic, it was my opinion that the Govt. build some new internment camps.  I would -propose that a fleet of vans be sent out and go door to door, equipped with nurses and National Guardsmen.

The Nurse knocks on the door, “Hello how are you? Have you been vaccinated?”  “Yes, I have.” “Very good. Have a nice day.”

Next stop, “”Hello how are you? Have you been vaccinated?” “No, I haven’t.”  “I can vaccinate you right here, right now.”  “Great, let me have it!.”

Next stop, ““Hello how are you? Have you been vaccinated?” “No.”  “Ok, I can vaccinate you right here, right now.” “No, I don’t believe in that.”  “Ok. No worries,” and then the nurse signals to the National Guardsman to take the person, or persons, into custody. They are taken to an internment camp to live with other unvaccinated people.

I know this isn’t probably a very popular idea, but, “the good of the many outweighs the good of the few.”

But I didn’t confront this woman. Not at Kirtan. I wasn’t going to counter an inappropriate act with another. So I lied. I told her I had signed it at Safeway. She kind of gave me the stink eye. I think she knew I was lying. Well, I wear this red string around my left wrist. It’s to ward off just such a thing.

But – you know? Kirtan is sacred space. Politics should be left outside the door.

I have spoken.

Anti-Semitic attack on Israel by Humboldt Progressive Democrats


I’m going to tear this piece of anal excrement to shreds:

But first, notice the masthead. Pretty impressive don’t you think? It’s a fraking Facebook Group. The total membership is 382. The total number of members who actually post is about 12. There are three Admins and 1 moderator. They say they are an official Democratic Party Club, chartered by the Humboldt County Central Committee. It’s a Facebook Group. Give me a break.


First off, Exhibit 1:

It amazes me that so called Progressives, who allegedly believe that women are human beings, that they have the right to healthcare that includes the right to choose an abortion, that members of the LGBTQ community should have equal rights, that trans-children should be given the opportunity to become their true selves ….. that they will attack and vilify Israel, where all these things are true and practiced, yet defend the “Palestinian state,” where NONE of these things are true and practiced. But, moving on …….

Exhibit 2:

Let’s find out exactly what the definition of “Apartheid” is according to International Law:  “Apartheid refers to the implementation and maintenance of a system of legalized racial segregation in which one racial group is deprived of political and civil rights. Apartheid is a crime against humanity punishable under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.” (Source: https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/apartheid)

What’s the problem here?  Arabs and Jews are of the same race. They are both Semitic peoples.  But, according to International Law, Apartheid is a system of legalized RACIAL segregation. So, Amnesty International gets it wrong. Or, they are using their very own special “customized” definition of apartheid, designed to paint Israel with a very broad brush.

Exhibit 3:


This is true, but there are good reasons. The Palestinians in question built houses, business properties and created farms on land that did not belong to them. Some of them, like those in East Jerusalem, stopped paying rent to their Jewish land lords. What happens here in the US when you stop paying your rent? You get evicted.  The same is true in Israel. If you don’t pay your rent you get evicted.  Israel is, after all, a Social Democracy built on Capitalistic principles, just like Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Exhibit 4:


 This sounds like Israel is “occupying” Judea/Samaria. But that is not true. Judea/Samaria is a part of Israel.  1st, Judea/Samaria was a part of Israel prior to the May 1948 war, when five Arab nations attacked Israel to “drive the Jews into the sea.”  Jordan was able to capture Judea/Samaria and a good part of Jerusalem in that war. Jordan occupied it until June of 1967. when Israel was attacked again, only this time Israel better defended itself and liberated Judea/Samaria and all of Jerusalem. Israel does not occupy Judea/Samaria because it belonged to Israel in the first place.

Therefore there is absolutely nothing illegal about what Israel is doing on it’s own land.  They have even given considerable concessions to the so called “Palestinians,” allowing them to self govern parts of Judea/Samaria.

There are a couple of amazing conclusions in the resolution here. First, there is no US law governing Israel, which is  a sovereign state of it’s own. 2nd, the United Nations is not a one world government (which, by the way, if you look further in my blog, you will find that I am an advocate of just that).  What Israel does is it’s own business. Does Israel deny the “Palestinian” right to “self-determination?  They have their own government, really, their own little country in Gaza. But, they also have “chosen” terrorists for their leadership, so things might not be working out so well. “They threaten the very existence of the Palestinian people….” This sounds like an accusation of genocide to me.  If true, the Israelis have failed miserably at this. The Arab population of Israel has sky rocketed since 1948.


Exhibit 5:


Yes the seven, er, 382 members of a Facebook group urges Democratic members of the House of Representatives to do something. Yeah, that will happen. Of course here we have another repeat of lies authored by the propagandists of the “Palestinian” people.

It just isn’t going to happen. Israel is the only democracy in the middle east. And, thanks to Jared Kushner (Trumps son in law) lots of Arab nations (outside of the Palestinians) are making treaties with Israel, and reaping the benefits of Israel’s prosperity and technological advancement.

It’s weird. Trump did exactly two things right while he was President. He moved our embassy from Tel Aviv to the Israeli capital – Jerusalem, and he recognized Israel’s control over the Golan Heights. Of course, he also committed a boat load of felonies, was impeached twice, and attempted a coup d’etat, but no ones perfect, right?

Anyroad, as I was saying the noble and glorious resolution of the Facebook group, Humboldt Progressive Democrats, isn’t fit to be used to wipe my ass with after a healthy crap.

Humboldt Progressive Democrats (A Facebook Group)



I live in Humboldt County California. I am a Progressive, and I am a lifelong Democrat. So, I thought it a natural fit for me to join the Humboldt Progressive Democrats on Facebook.

Boy, was I wrong.

You see, according the the experts at HPD, I’m not really a Progressive. Oh, it’s true that I believe in everything that Bernie Sanders and “The Squad” believe in. So that should qualify me as a Progressive.  If you read through my blog, you’ll note that I am, on some issues, to the Left of even Sanders and “The Squad,”  But there is one thing, and only one thing, that I disagree with Sanders and “The Squad” about: Israel.

I am an unabashed, maybe even radical, Zionist. I believe that the State of Israel has a right to exist, and a right to protect itself against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

I do not believe that Israel is a Colonialist state (how could it be? Jews not only have a historical claim to the land, but there has never been a time when Jews did not live there (witness the Cemetery in the Kidron Valley, on the eastern wall of Jerusalem, which has been in continuous use for over three thousand years. ALL of the grave markings are in Hebrew)).

I do not believe that Israel is an Apartheid state. Given that under apartheid in South African, Black people could not vote, could not work anywhere in the health care profession, could not serve as lawyers, could not marry outside their race, could not work for the government, could not vote. — Arabs can do all of those things in Israel. There are even Arab representatives in the Knesset. So how is that Apartheid? It’s because some human rights organizations have redefined what apartheid means, and it means that Israel is practicing it.

I do not believe that Israel is practicing genocide against the Arabs living within it’s borders. How can that be true when since 1948 the Arab population of Israel has increased ten fold? If they are practicing genocide, they sure aren’t very adept at it.

I do not believe that Israel occupies Judea/Samaria (aka, “The West Bank”) or Gaza. 1st, Judea/Samaria was a part of Israel prior to the May 1948 war, when five Arab nations attacked Israel to “drive the Jews into the sea.”  Jordan was able to capture Judea/Samaria and a good part of Jerusalem in that war. Jordan occupied it until June of 1967. when Israel was attacked again, only this time Israel better defended itself and liberated Judea/Samaria and all of Jerusalem. Israel does not occupy Judea/Samaria because it belonged to Israel in the first place.

Gaza was given independence by Israel, to rule itself as it wishes. After this, the citizens of Gaza allowed a terrorist group, Hamas, to take over. As a result, travel from Gaza into Israel is severely restricted.  For that matter, Gaza also borders Egypt, which also severely restricts travel. One wonders what Egypt’s justification is? (One also wonders why no one mentions this fact?)

Many Democrats believe in a “two state solution.” I agree with this, only I believe that the two states, one for the Jews and one for the Arabs already exists in “Palestine”.  You see, the area of land we call Jordan today, and the area of land on which Israel lives, used to be called the “British Mandate of Palestine.” It was this entire land that was promised to be a homeland for the Jewish people by the Balfour Declaration. But, Britain, as they always do, partially reneged and gave two thirds of that land to the Arabs, forming the Kingdom of Jordan.  Jordan and Israel are “Palestine”. There is an Arab “Palestine” (Jordan) and a Jewish “Palestine” (Israel).  Let the Arabs live in Jordan and leave the Jews alone.

But back to Humboldt Progressive Democrats. Because, on these pages, I declare myself a proud and unabashed Zionist, I automatically am not Progressive. I am told I am regressive. So, it’s kind of like a religion, or maybe a cult. If you don’t drink all of the Kool Aid – every last drop, you can’t play in their sandbox. I’m not too worried.  They only represent about 383  members. There is another group, Humboldt Progressives, that I also belong to, that has 1.5 thousand members. Probably a mixture of Democrats and Green Party members. So far I’ve survived there, but, no one has posted any Palestinian propaganda for me to refute as yet.

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that I quit the HPD group when one of the people I was arguing with 1)told me I wasn’t Progressive, 2) Used “Palestinian” news sources (so, very, very biased) to refute my arguments. 3)Used Jewish anti-Israel sources also to refute me (yes, there really are such folks. It boggles the mind). The straw that broke the camels back was when, in the thread I was working in, an Admin posted this little gem:

Why did I quit? Look at the date: this was voted on while I was making my arguments, meaning, that at least part of the group had turned against me on principle.  How many voted for this? I have no idea and that fact isn’t revealed, If HPD is really a democracy, then we have to assume that a minimum of 192 voted for it.  Do any of the other 191 support, or at least. sympathize with me? Well, no one has contacted me. In reviewing the participation of the group, fewer than twelve actually ever post. So my guess is that a majority consisted of maybe seven people.

There are a number of troubling allegations, and stretches of the truth in the above document. I will pick them apart in my next blog.