I may have really screwed the pooch this time



On April 14, 2022 I posted the following to a select audience: just my family:

My town. Enjoy. But this is just a tiny little sample. To really Grok this, come visit me. 💕

I waited a few days to see if there would be any reaction. On April 19 I commented:

Comment 1: Funny thing about this post: It was not sent to everyone. Only my family members. None of whom commented, or even “liked.” Guess that means I’ll die here having only met two of my grand children. Do the words “I love you” mean anything for real?

Comment 2: Sorry. Just feeling a bit sad. Easter is supposed to be a family holiday. I waited all day for phone calls that never happened. Same thing this past Xmas and Thanksgiving. I feel like saying something really, really, offensive now, so you’ll at least have an excuse for the lifelong shunning. Namaste.

The “lifelong shunning” remark is a reference to a theory I have, that my vindictive ex-spouse made the kids promise to never initiate any contact with me, nor ever visit me. I don’t know if that is for certain, but it sounds like something she would do and I have mentioned it before and no one has informed me otherwise.

So anyroad, this was an exercise in trying the Jewish guilt trip to maybe gouge them into coming out here to see me and the Redwoods.  As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I have only met two of my grandchildren, courtesy of my oldest son Joshua, who made the trip with his wife and younger son Jalen a few years back.  Son Jordan and his family were in Los Angeles a few weeks ago visiting Disney Land (He works for Disney owned WMAQ-TV, the ABC affiliate in Chicago).  I tried a little guilt tripping in my remarks to their Facebook posts.

No reaction.

So, I thought I would try this. But, I’m thinking this might have backfired. Honestly, I don’t know what else I can do. I simply cannot afford a trip to Illinois, so they have to come to me.  Everyone is getting older. My eldest granddaughter is going to be seventeen by the end of this year.  Actually, I don’t even know if any of them (save Joshua’s sons) know that I exist. In the times that I have called over the holidays, I’ve never been invited to talk to any of them. I really fear I’m going to die and never meet any of them.

How twisted is that?

Mooji, Eckhart & The Awakened – A Facebook group (Maybe a Cult?)



This group describes itself as: “…an advanced group for those who are attracted to knowing the true nature of reality, especially those taught by Mooji, Eckhart Tolle, Alan Watts, Adyashanti, Rupert Spira, Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj and others with the same non-dual theme. Let’s try to keep postings and or discussions on Oneness (Non-Duality), or the integration of the (Non-Dual) Truth into our everyday lives.”

So I posted the following memes. ALL of them were rejected without comment or explanation. Why?

Michael Soham. He’s an admin and “group expert.” He is also apparently the one who approves all posts. He is also the most frequent poster, including many, many, many memes attributed to himself. He’s an egotistic putz, so wrapped up in his own spirituality that he makes a complete mockery of the teachings and the teachers.

This was my last post. I am not surprised that it was not allowed:

This groups description states, “This is an advanced group for those who are attracted to knowing the true nature of reality, especially those taught by Mooji, Eckhart Tolle, Alan Watts, Adyashanti, Rupert Spira, Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj and others with the same non-dual theme.”
Well, this is exactly why I was attracted to the group. I like to contribute things. I see it as almost a duty, and most Admins expect this behavior. I’ve contributed several memes to the group, all of which, I believe anyway, kept with the guidelines stated:
“Let’s try to keep postings and or discussions on Oneness (Non-Duality), or the integration of the (Non-Dual) Truth into our everyday lives.”
Now, three posts were quotes from Osho. One was a quote from Stephan Gabriel (who, incidentally, is a local (Humboldt County CA) Guru, and I believe a member of this group). What was wrong with these posts? Do you not like Osho? Is Sri Baba Ram Stephan not famous enough? If wisdom is quoted, does it really matter WHO said it? Or, perhaps, I am the one who is not worthy. I can accept that. I’m just trying to wrap my head around this.


What usually happens when I have strong disagreements with Admins, is that I block them and maybe start a new, related group. Here is the new group: Thou art God!

About the Bhagwan Sri Rajneesh


He is also known as Osho.

I recently completed watching the Netflix Documentary, “Wild. Wild, Country.”  It is a very well done. six part series, concerning Osho (The Bhagwan Rajneesh) and his attempt to establish an intentional community in rural Oregon in 1981.

I’ve always felt that the man was very wise, perhaps even a Boddhisatva, I can really relate, as I too dream of just such a spiritual community to be established here in the Redwoods of Northern California.

The documentary interviewed lots of people who were involved, on both sides of the controversy.

My take: Osho’s first mistake was trusting Sheila. She was probably alright in the beginning, but she very quickly became bat-shit- crazy, and ultimately it was her and only her who was responsible for the demise of Rajneeshpuram.   First, the last place you should try a project like this is rural Oregon. The people are there are backwards, redneck, racist Christians.  They would never accept brown people practicing any form of Hinduism. If Rajneeshpuram had been established in California, there would probably have been no problem. Take for example the intentional community called Ananda. It’s a successful version of Osho’s vision, that has thrived for some fifty years.

Now Osho had some other things that would not be acceptable to redneck racist Christians:

  1. He wasn’t a Christian.
  2.  He wasn’t white.
  3. He wasn’t an American.
  4.  He believed that sex was a sacrament – something that should be enjoyed and even something that can be used to further ones “enlightenment.”  (I believe that also, and I always have.)

So those were the main “sins.”  He was accused of a lot of stuff, but it was Sheila who did the bulk of the dirty deeds. Osho was not aware of this stuff.

The worst thing, I think, was the way the Government broke him.  Osho was a old man with deteriorating health.  When he tried to flee the country aboard a Learjet, that plane had to refuel, and it was in Charlotte North Carolina where the aircraft was being refueled that agents of our Government captured him.  It took four hours for him to fly from Rajneeshpuram to Charlotte NC. but the US Marshalls took him from facility to facility in shackles for three weeks, which was clearly reckless and abusive. In the end he pled guilty to all charges because he just didn’t have the physical stamina, at his age, to fight anymore. Shortly after he returned to India he passed away.

Osho was a saint. Our Government, and the rednecks of Oregon, made him a martyr.

I bring this up because after posting a meme of one of Osho’s quotes, my middle son asked me if I had seen another documentary about what happened in Oregon.  I was never able to find that particular video, but when Netflix released this one, I jumped on it.  Now, up until this time I have refrained from posting any Osho memes, because of my middle sons concern.

Well, that’s not going to happen again. Osho was innocent. He as for all intents and purposes a saint, a very wise holy man, and from this time forward I will post his memes.




About Socialism

For those on the left who are still capitalists, a quick pitch:
What would a socialist society look like?
Only the jobs that are societally necessary would be performed. This would mean the elimination of most forms of labor and would translate to most people only needing to do a few hours of labor a week. The rest of the time would be yours to pursue your own passions. Join a club, paint, sing, write books. Profit wouldn’t go to some capitalist, it would go to the state where it would be reinvested into the community through parks, libraries, public transportation, and education programs.
Why should I not want to remain a capitalist?
Capitalism is, by its very nature, unsustainable. It demands infinite growth in a finite world. We can either be forced to change economic systems when resources run out or be proactive and do it before this happens.
Capitalism is incompatible with democracy. You can outlaw corporate money in politics but then there will just be donations to “foundations” or to a politician’s relative or even given directly behind closed doors
Capitalists will always have more political power than you or I. They can use their power and influence to kill bills, silencing the voice of the people. No one person should have such immense influence
Feel free to ask any other questions you may have