About you. About G-d.

They are really the same entity. You. G-d. 

Also Jesus, Yahweh, Allah, Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma, Krishna, Rah. Also Danu, Lugh, Cernunnos, Dalon ap Landu, Loki, Odin, Thor, Frigg, Ceridwen, Lakshmi, Sita, Zeus, Hera, Apollo, Athena. Those are some of the names of the “Archetypes,” and they are also alternative names of G-d. Of you. Of me.

Also, there are those who once lived on Earth with us but are no more.  Robert A. Heinlein, John F. Kennedy; his brother Robert, Martin Luther King Jr., George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Jules Verne, Golda Meir, etc.  (fill in the blank) These we refer to as the “Old Ones.”

And then there is you and me.

What is the difference between them?  From one point of view there are those of us who are alive today.  Then there are those who once lived with us in the past. And last there are those who never lived. though they might have. From the true, the real point of view, they are all the same entity. They are all the same life, the same being.  We also include all the microbes, all the plants, the animals, the planet, the solar system, the galaxy, this universe, and all the other universes. All of Nature really.

There are no differences really – they are all G-d.

We are one with the all. We are all G-d.

When you pray you are talking to yourself. When you worship, you are worshipping your self. When you think you are thinking G-d’s thoughts.

We are the individual cells of G-d. No matter what your religion, your race, your ethnicity, your nationality, you are G-d.

If you hurt someone you are hurting yourself. You are hurting G-d.  If someone is homeless, or hungry or sick. G-d is homeless or hungry or sick. And so are you.

We, all of us, and the planet, etc., are interconnected, and interdependent.   Just like the cells of your body are interconnected and interdependent.  The differences we see are illusions.  The things which separate one person from another are illusion, and there are only experienced, and only matter, while we are in these physical bodies. When you die and leave the body you finally can perceive the reality. You think you become one with the universe, with G-d, but the fact is, you’ve never really been separated. You’ve always been one with G-d.

There is only one G-d. He or she (hirm?) has many, many names, and many, many manifestations, and you and I are him/her.  Collectively.  Just as your physical body is an interactive collective of billions of cells, so you and I are part of the interactive collective that is G-d.

You know, if everyone believed this there would be no war, no poverty, no hunger; an end to climate change. The earth would be a paradise for all to enjoy, prosper, and thrive upon.

It’s time. Time to embrace your true nature.

“Thou art god, I am G-d. All that groks is G-d.”

“Thou art G-d’. It’s not a message of cheer and hope. It’s a defiance – and an unafraid, unabashed assumption of personal responsibility.”