Looking ahead to Trump’s defeat



Bernie has dropped out of the race, but he has also thrown all of his support to Biden.  Face it, the very most important goal is to deny Trump another term.

So now the “Bernie or Bust Trolls” have come forward.  Suddenly allegations that Biden is a rapist and a pedophile are coming forth (where were these when Biden first threw his hat into the ring?).  “I could never vote for a rapist….”   — but you can leave a rapist in office for another four years?

If there was only a way to trace IP addresses in Facebook. Then you could see that many, or most, of these posts come from Russia.

Hopefully, American Progressives are smart enough to see someone trying to pull the wool over their eyes.  We’ll just have to cross our fingers.




Humboldt County is in full Coronavirus lock down mode.

Ceridwen and I are staying at home. Happily we have internet, cable TV and a Taliasen (our four month old kitten) to entertain us.

I find it interesting to compare the different practices that various stores are using to help contain the virus, which are varied and sometimes just crazy.

Northcoast Food Co-Op will only let 6 people in the store at any time. There is a line and as people leave the store, others may enter.  No bags (you know, the ones the Co-Op has encouraged people to use) are allowed.  Plastic tape on the floor provides 6 foot barriers at every check out stand.

Winco has the same deal so far as letting people in the store goes.  As of tonight they have also closed the self-check out.  You can bring your own bags.

Safeway has no restrictions, except that bulk foods are not available.

Costco has no restrictions, but the Food Court is closed to seating (take out only) and last I was in there, only Pizza and Hot Dogs were available.  Also, they have someone on duty to fill your beverage cup.

Target has no restrictions.

All of the stores have limited hours.

Our friend Jenna has come over for psychic services (and a meal) on several occasions, and we’re thinking about having a takeout dinner for our closest friends in the near future.

My worries are slight.  My license sticker expires May 1st.  I tried renewing it on the DMV’s website, but it told me I couldn’t, but wouldn’t say why.  Our local DMV office is closed, as is the AAA office.  So I don’t know what I will do.