Can Bernie win?

Yes he can.  In fact I believe he will.

For months on end polls showed that no matter who won the Democratic Party nomination, that person would win.  So, there is that.

But suddenly, with Bernie’s victory all but assured, he can’t win.  “SOCIALISM” will keep people away from him.  Sorry, but I don’t buy it and in fact I believe his embrace of Socialism is a plus.

He’s the guy.

Two of his opponents, Mr. Buttigieg and Mrs. Klobuchar, who early on both embraced the “Medicare for All” concept have both washed their hands of it and are now saying that Americans don’t want it.   I guess that will happen when the insurance companies and big pharma both write out BIG GIANT campaign contributions to your campaign.

An other thing I notice is that the Republican talking point, “How will you pay for it?,”  is now part of the rhetoric of many Democratic candidates.  The fact that practically the whole rest of the world pays for it just fine just goes right over their pointy little heads.  I have a proposal: slash the Pentagon’s budget.  We could afford to reduce defense spending by 1/16th and have plenty of money to do ALL of the things Sanders has proposed and still outspend the other 10 countries (in defense spending) by billions.


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