Trump is the new Hitler. The GOP the new Nazi Party



I guess, according to the Trump white nationalist mode of thinking, people, and especially children, who try to enter the country while being brown, get what they deserve.  It’s a criminal  thing to be brown.

It wasn’t bad enough that Trump’s minions on our Southern Border are incarcerating children indefinitely in pens with concrete floors, inadequate meals, very little attention to health or to simple sanitary conditions, now the Trumpeters are deporting children with diseases and life threatening medical conditions that can only be treated here in the United States. If they are deported to their home countries they will die.

I am wondering why the United Nations is not sanctioning the United States for gross inhumanity.

One of the things that galls  me about this is the hypocrisy of Trumps Fundagelical base, the ones who are so very “Pro Life” when it comes to a fetus, but who look away when actual living children are being sent to their deaths, and all for the crime of being brown.

None of this will end until we elect a new President and a new Senate. We’ll probably have to impeach a few dozen federal judges along the way.

After that we need to outlaw the Republican Party. I mean the way the Nazi Party was finally outlawed in Germany. Every time the GOP comes to power (at least in the 20th and 21st Centuries) they have wasted no time what soever in propagating the most egregious examples of “mans inhumanity to man,” examples only surpassed  by those of the former Nazi Party in Germany during WWII.

This has got to stop.


The Trump Administration Now Wants to Deport Children With Cancer



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